March 29, 2015

The Distraction

Wearing: Zara Turtleneck Knit, American Apparel White Easy Jeans, Forever 21 Blazer, Urban Outfitters Wide Brim Hat, Thrift Shoes.

My friends and I went out to 14th street and Chelsea to serve as a distraction for my dear friend Maxwell (one closest to the guitar). We toured very few art galleries, walked down The Highline strip, and ate at a Thai joint (Said in reverse). Forgetting the hassle of time and trying to think up a reason to go to the house the party as at, I'm very happy at the end of the day it worked out successfully. He was very shocked with the party and his final gift, so that kept me upbeat. Happiness is contagious.

March 24, 2015

Roberta n' Morgan

The welcome mat of  Swallow Coffee. 

Pictures taken between Moore Street and Bogart Street, New York

Blazer: vintage/similar here
Top: vintage/similar here
Shoes: Zara/similar here

I've been hearing about Earl's new album but am trying to block it out until I actually purchase the hard copy. A person once taught me the magic in the music you can hold in the palm of your hands. I learned to love the effort put into album artwork, and now, I love it. Speaking of artwork though, Williamsburg will always have the best graffiti and/or art splattered among the bricks and side panels of buildings. Williamsburg can be a wonderful place if you know where you are going, but can be sketchy getting there with all of the alley ways and dead ends. I was surprised to see a bright blue sky when coming out of the train station around 5:00 PM. Ignoring the fear of jinxing the next portion of this sentence, I believe the weather is finally looking up. I'm sad though, for the change of weather, because I will soon have to say goodbye to the fab layers and warm winter coats. My friend Laura and I have been wanting to go back to location named Roberta's (see NYC section for review and location). We tried a new pizza on their menu and again, was not let down. Definitely worth the trip.
Overall, I am enthused to start blogging again. The weather and senior year's stresses have held me back but I am shifting back in gear. With my last musical and activities in planning prom and so forth, I would like to document my last few months in high school, and my transition to college, then so forth.
So bear with me, and Happy Tuesday


Spring Forward

Today's weather was actually not a bit surprising. I believe every first day of spring for the past two or three years, it has snowed. It's Winter's way of saying Oh Yea? My friends and I went to Martha's Country Bakery to stay toasty.
Jacket : H&M
Zip Up Hoodie: H&M
Flannel: vintage/ similar here
Tee: Ebay

Her :
KAWS x Bape JAcket - One of a Kind
Hoodie: Thrasher Mag
Pants: Uniqlo