March 24, 2015

Roberta n' Morgan

The welcome mat of  Swallow Coffee. 

Pictures taken between Moore Street and Bogart Street, New York

Blazer: vintage/similar here
Top: vintage/similar here
Shoes: Zara/similar here

I've been hearing about Earl's new album but am trying to block it out until I actually purchase the hard copy. A person once taught me the magic in the music you can hold in the palm of your hands. I learned to love the effort put into album artwork, and now, I love it. Speaking of artwork though, Williamsburg will always have the best graffiti and/or art splattered among the bricks and side panels of buildings. Williamsburg can be a wonderful place if you know where you are going, but can be sketchy getting there with all of the alley ways and dead ends. I was surprised to see a bright blue sky when coming out of the train station around 5:00 PM. Ignoring the fear of jinxing the next portion of this sentence, I believe the weather is finally looking up. I'm sad though, for the change of weather, because I will soon have to say goodbye to the fab layers and warm winter coats. My friend Laura and I have been wanting to go back to location named Roberta's (see NYC section for review and location). We tried a new pizza on their menu and again, was not let down. Definitely worth the trip.
Overall, I am enthused to start blogging again. The weather and senior year's stresses have held me back but I am shifting back in gear. With my last musical and activities in planning prom and so forth, I would like to document my last few months in high school, and my transition to college, then so forth.
So bear with me, and Happy Tuesday


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  1. so so pretty! and I love your white coat! I will be copying lol
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