I get it. New York, New York, the city of lights. The city that never sleeps, The city that has the rudest fast pacing people you have ever seen. Want to travel to New York? Check out the Empire State building? See the Rockettes! Check out Time's Square! 

As a New Yorker, I get that these are great landmarks I believe everyone should see, New York is way more than what the tourist guides tell you. I mean, I do think everyone should eat in the city and spend a night under the skyscrapers, but to be quite frank, there is much more than that. Explorers like I, look beyond what TimeOut Magazine recommends. New York is such a great place and I wouldn't want anyone to feel limited to a guideline. To those living in New York, remain in their neighborhoods, and have a desire to go on a vacation, I ask you this. How can you move on and travel somewhere before fully taking in your surroundings? New York is more than what meets the eye. I love proving that theory. I follow many NYC based Instagrams and usually when I see tasty food or a cool spot, it's screen shot and I scope it out. People ask why I don't keep up with television shows or spend a whole lot on clothes. I much rather spend money on experiences such as new restaurants, plans, concerts and events in NYC and I love being open to try new things. It not about what you have at the end of the day, its what you have made yourself be and everything and all the fun you have had in your life. Explore Places, Taste Foods, Meet new people, Learn new things, Be open. 

In this section of my blog, for all those who lurked, I would like to give my reviews on my favorite places and would like to post places I think you all should check out. Make the most out of your days!

Roberta's Pizza
Located: 261 Moore St, Brooklyn, NY 11206
Took the L train in from Manhattan and got off at the Morgan Ave station and the 1.5 block walk over was full of street art. I hear it gets pretty packed here, but so far, since I go at or before five o clock, it hasn't been, and I am seated in no time. My friend and I are always on the move to try new places and we usually don't go back to a place more than once. (Because there are so many places to try out!) I believe this is our favorite pizza joint, We come back here and order something different and still are not let down. Everything tastes amazing and the waiter's and waitresses are very friendly. You will find weird things on the walls which makes the atmosphere chill.

Located: 509 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10016
So we covered the best pizza, let's talk burgers. I've had my fair of burger joints but this takes the cake. Well, I should say cheese. Or bun. Anything but that. Nothing can make me have larger 3 o clock cravings than Fatburger. I believe there is only one in New York. The burger and toppings always taste fresh, the fries were some of the best I have ever had. To me, this place seriously makes the best burgers.

Press 195

Located 4011 Bell Blvd, Flushing, NY
The sandwiches are superb and the fries made from actual potato. (Yes, this is important) For under $10, you get a huge sandwich you will eat now AND later. I have tried two types of sandwiches here, The American Cold Press, and the John's classic. It hasn't let e down yet. My friend and I swore that each time we go back, we would get a different sandwich. I believe you all should open your minds up to new places and new things! You would be surprised at what you like.

View the Menu here

Two Hands
Located: 164 Mott St, New York, NY 10013

Two Hands is a very chill atmosphere. It gets packed rather quickly so putting your things down before ordering is probably a better option. I have been here once but am anxious to go back. It so natural and photogenic. I would suggest this if you are looking for something cozy, intimate, and relaxing.

Located: 19 Old Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

One of the best pizzas I have had. 2 slices filled me up fast. After enjoying pizza my friends and I walked to Brooklyn Bridge Park and hung out on the great lawn watching the lovely river view. I remember Arctic Monkeys being on their playlist. Made it even better. This place gets full really quickly. The line can even form outside of the door, around the block. I would say getting here around 2-3:30 is a great time. The pizzas are affordable and worth the wait.

Atomic Wings
Located: Many locations in New York
We stopped here after playing pinball at Reciprocal. We made it just in time for the lunch special. Could not stop digging my hands in for more. (I am a messy eater at times) Its great when shared with friends. I love the buffalo chicken and waffles fries here. It fills me up quickly.


Located: 54 Prince St, New York, NY 10012
I went here for my friend's 17th birthday. Pricey - around the same price as Olive Garden -  but wonderful healthy food. They gave me so much food I had a to take a lot home. (Breakfast the next morning was lovely) I comprised a list based off the menu of things I need to try. I think this was their "Award Winning Pan Roasted Chicken Sandwich and truffle fries. The second picture was taken another time, I believe its their Tennessee Wings? Anyway, definitely worth the money! I came back on Valentines Day of 2015 to try more things. Ugh I wasn't let down. They get really packed very quickly. It's always best to call ahead. This place makes the best fries I have ever had. I've been around yet it is still incomparable.

Macaroons and Cookies
Located: 548 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

This place is located in Brooklyn but has little red stands at low-key spots in Manhattan. It's a bit pricey but it's always great to try new things. The large red velvet cookie was the best.

Sweet Chick 
Located: 164 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Best chicken and waffle place I have ever been to. It fills me up really fast and you can get a meal for about $20. It is a great atmosphere with great music. It's close to the Williamsburg bridge if you care for a stroll. Great scenery and location for a spot as sweet as this.  My camera was shaky cause I was so hungry to eat!

Located: 1521 Surf Ave, Brooklyn, NY
Home of the Rasta Pasta! I always feel at home here. VH1 Soul is usually what is on the television. They serve many different types of meat and you can feel like you ate your plate and someone elses and it wouldn't even look like you touched it. I love the food here. It makes me super sleepy though. Although there are 2 other locations in Brooklyn, I like going to the one near Coney Island. After eating I can take a stroll to the Ferris wheel or the aquarium, and if hot enough, the beach.

Martha's Country Bakery
Located: 41-06 Bell Blvd, Bayside, NY, 11105

A person cannot come here and not fall in love. Everything is served to a T. I usually hate trying new things but I ordered randomized macaroons, cake pops, caramel macchiato and an almond crossiant. Everything was delicious. I am especially in love with their red velvet cake pop. Purely heaven.

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